Why Are We Here?

The Internet is full of social services, but are they really social?

We believe that people want to spend more time with their friends in real life, want to discover and go to interesting events, want to live every day to its fullest potential.

That is why we at Social Ark are building Nextdays. Nextdays is a tool that allows you to be more social in your future. Facebook shows you only half of the timeline: the history of what has happened. Nextdays brings you the other half - the future - with all its exciting uncertainty and wealth of opportunities.

Social tools cannot be created by just cloning personal tools. The calendar is a great tool for you to document your plans, but it does not work for collaboratively planning the future. People live busy lives and do not keep their calendars up to date. Your plans for the next weekend are constantly alive: your friends might suddenly become busy, or something new to do might pop up.

Plans are also often done and changed on a short notice: somebody has an idea, somebody else gets an better idea and suddenly the event is on. Services need to be built accordingly, not as mere calendars or news feeds, but as tools that people feel comfortable using to expose their thoughts about the future.

What Makes Nextdays Different?

We are not the only one who thinks that this is an interesting space. Few other services want to help you to plan the future. Here are a few principles we have built into Nextdays:

View Everything at Once

Your time is limited and you want to spend it well. The city is full of activities, your friends all have their plans. We believe that planning the future requires you to be able to see all the opportunities. Nextdays is not a narrow peephole showing one person or one idea at a time but a huge canvas of ideas, events and opportunities.

See Time in a Different Way

The future has not yet happened. Why would then something in the future always need to have an exact date or time? We see time differently: this week is more important than the week after, this month is more important than the next one. People love to think about their future in terms of days, weeks, months and years. That is why in Nextdays you can for instance post an idea of something to do in the upcoming month, or see what your friends are thinking about doing in the next year.

Improve Plans over Time

We do not want to let great ideas fall away simply you do not yet know when something would happen or who would want to join the event. A plan can start from just one word.

We believe that ideas become better as many people see them. Your friends can comment on the plan, indicate maybe joining the event, suggest alternative ideas or days on when they could be free. We also believe that ideas trigger other ideas: your plan about going to see a movie can give one of your friends an idea about someday directing one.

It's More Fun With Friends

We believe that there is a lot more you could be doing with the people you already know. Nextdays brings people, ideas and their spare time together, helping you to find out who to meet and what to do. To reach even more of your friends, you can easily share events to your Facebook wall or invite your friends directly into Nextdays. Even if you do not join an event, seeing your friends plans and ideas is also a great way to find out more about them.

Stay Private or Become Famous

Being social does not mean always showing everything to everyone. For each idea you create you can effortlessly share to only a few of your friends, to all of them or to the world at large. You can also create a channel for others to follow: create interesting content and gather followers throughout the world. Businesses can also use Nextdays to create channels: see the local concerts or club events.

About the Team

Nextdays is developed by Social Ark Ltd, which was formed in Helsinki, Finland in the end of 2011. We are building a platform for planning the future, both for the web and for mobile clients. We believe in starting small and thinking big.


Joonas Tunturi

Lauri Svan
Technical Lead

Roope Rainisto
Design Lead

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